Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Keeping The Spotlight On Bowel Cancer

The recent tragic death of the wonderfully courageous Stephen Sutton has served to not only raise large amounts of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, but has also put bowel cancer back in the spotlight. Raising bowel cancer awareness is critical, as early detection is key to the successful chances of beating it. Work has to be done by everyone as there are still cases of misdiagnosis happening especially among the younger sufferers. 

I have come across some wonderfully warm people on this journey, and it is always heartbreaking to hear of someone passing away. The cancer community of the patients, and their family and friends are a breed apart, and coming into contact so many good people has been a real highlight of the last couple of years.

I recently travelled up to Wembley to photograph cup final crowds for the next fundraising book, and like most visitors to the ground, I was drawn to the statue of the late Bobby Moore who sadly died of bowel cancer in 1993. This illness does not discriminate and can strike anyone...

I am still pushing the first book released in 2012 as much as I can, and all support for it is really appreciated. The second book is progressing well, and will hopefully be ready for a November release. I am still looking for photographic opportunities with the theme of the new book being people, so if you have any ideas please let me know.

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