Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Coming Soon To Book 2 - Alan Davies

Great news this week as comedian, actor and TV celebrity celebrity Alan Davies has agreed to be photographed for the new book. He is on tour this autumn, and I shall meet him before his show at the Reading Hexagon in October. 

The continued success, and ever increasing list of people coming on board is potentially going to push the release date of the book back, which is fine as the main thing is to make the book as good as it can be. The book is already as big as the first book with loads more chapters still to do.

So far I have photographed, Matthew Wright, Status Quo, Ben Richards, Horace Panter, Clare Grogan, David Levenson, Mick Channon, The Stranglers, Dodgy and not forgetting the ever increasing list of "normal" people. I have plenty more exciting possibilities bubbling away so its looking good at the moment. 

Sales of book 1 have dropped right back recently, and it has been difficult to keep the momentum going on that whilst spending so much time writing the new book. I need to find a way of getting sales going again.

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