Monday, 15 June 2015

A Member of Parliament Buys The Book

I spent Sunday night writing up the Gabby Logan chapter for the new fundraising book Lives & Times. As the evening was drawing to a close I had a notification on Twitter that the first book had sold another copy on Amazon. This copy had been bought by MP Nadine Dorries who sadly lost a good friend to bowel cancer. She subsequently put a picture up on Twitter showing where she had read up to, and she has also written a great review you can see here.

Of course what Nadine didn't realise was that this contact could only end up with me asking her to be in the new book so we are now trying to arrange that. What an amazing journey doing these books continues to be, but also not forgetting the aim of them is to help raise awareness about bowel cancer and raise funds for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity.

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