Monday, 15 April 2013

Book Trip

I am always looking for new ways to generate interest in the book, and to find ways that might increase sales. Recently I came across a blog which I thought was both interesting and very touching. The blog is telling the story of how a woman called Rachel has left 60 postcards around Paris as a starting point in a creative journey in telling the world about her mother who sadly passed away from cancer. Have a read it's a great blog.

It got me thinking as to whether I could do something similar along those lines with my book. So I decided to buy a copy and send it on a journey. The idea being that I would leave it somewhere for anyone to pick up and they would hopefully read it before leaving it for someone else to do the same and so on... Hopefully people will contact me with their stories of their part in the book trip and I will then document it on a new blog called

So copy number 173 was left at Henley Railway Station and is now somewhere on its own journey. The booktrip blog contains a much more detailed description of the idea and the story in depth of the starting point at Henley.

Book sales are now at 175, but at the moment I am split between waiting for news of where book 173 will turn up next and when book sale 176 will happen...

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