Monday, 6 May 2013

Looking Forwards

Well here we are just 8 weeks after mum's 3rd major operation in 6 months. It makes such a lovely difference being in a photo with mum to just celebrate a nice occasion, namely my godmother Sybil's 80th birthday. As much as I have enjoyed taking or getting myself and mum photographed for the coverage of the book, this was just a special photo of mum and her two sons on a happy occasion. Her progress remains amazing and next up is a CT scan in June, which if still clear will put mum onto 6 monthly scans fingers crossed. 

After a pretty tough year, especially for mum of course, we are all finally able to look forwards with hope and optimism. Mum has gone back to her part time job one afternoon a week as a receptionist at the doctors surgery after a year off due to the cancer, and she has also been busy planning holidays which were also put on hold last year.

As I write this the book is very close to 250 sales, which has been an amazing effort by those who know me and probably more importantly those who don't. I am still aiming for the magic 1000 sales and if anyone has any ideas how I can push sales forward I would be very grateful as I am finding it more and difficult to get sales now. Lest I forget the star of the lunch and the photo is my four legged friend Bronson! :)

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