Tuesday, 28 January 2014


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2 years ago mum went for a colonoscopy after she had been experiencing problems with going to the toilet. They were unable to fully get camera all the way through the colon due to the blockage, which we were told on the day would most likely be cancerous and it was. An absolute massive bombshell...

2 years on and mum had a routine colonoscopy today and what a different story. She was able to watch the procedure and ask questions whilst it was going on, and most importantly the results were clear, so yet another hurdle passed on her journey of recovery.

We continually appreciate just how wonderful the care and treatment has been for her and more importantly how fortunate she has been to come through the illness and make such a wonderful recovery. We nothing for granted and mum appreciates how she has to live her life to the max now... It is heartbreaking to hear about those less fortunate who don't win their battles with this horrible disease, and these sad pieces of news happen just too often still. I will do as much as I can through the book and other fundraising ideas this year and let's hope that raising awareness in people saves lives...

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