Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Spiders Web

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The support over the last 15 months for the book has been amazing. There have been times when I have wondered whether it has run its course and is best left behind, whilst I look at other fundraising projects such as climbing Mount Snowdon for Beating Bowel Cancer later this year. I always come back to the feeling that there is still so much more potential for the book still untapped. Take a look at the picture of the spiders web, and we all know how insects get trapped in the web and find it impossible to get out. Its an analogy I can apply to the book as in many ways the book has got a little stuck where it is and I don't quite know how to get it out and away into so many other different routes it could take. 

To date the book has sold about 280 copies with family, friends, friends of friends and the cancer community being the main supporters who I can't thank enough. Getting through to another level has always been a huge challenge, one that I still haven't managed to find an answer to. The aim is to sell 1000 copies and if it could just break out and reach the wider domain I am sure this figure is still achievable. I use social networking to publicise the book, I am on Goodreads, the local media have all covered and featured the book and I even gave it away for free last year for 24 hours. All these routes have helped, but there must been other ways that I haven't thought of yet? I am always open to suggestions and know that if I could harness the online community out there who have supported me so fantastically so far the potential is huge...

So please feel free to contact me with suggestions, and let's see where it can go moving forwards. 

My mum continues to do really well with a recent colonoscopy and blood tests showing her still in remission. Unfortunately there are still too many people who lose their fight against this awful disease, and I can only reiterate that as well as trying to sell as many copies of the book as I can, that if the book can help raise awareness it has to be a good thing...

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