Thursday, 17 April 2014

Matthew Wright on Board + Latest News

The big news this Easter for book 2 has been Matthew Wright host of The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 coming on board. I sent him a request after seeing his support for Beating Bowel Cancer on the charity's website. I sent him a tweet and literally within minutes with the help of Mark Flannagan the Chief Executive of Beating Bowel Cancer I was in direct contact with Matthew. We are going to meet up next month where I will photograph him for the book. This is a great development and brilliant gesture from Matthew, which along with the recent support of Status Quo is beginning to get things moving in a really exciting direction.

It would be great to get a few more media personalities on board as well as a few sporting celebrities. There is some sporting news in the offing thanks to the help of a recently made acquaintance, Norma de Bidaph from Gearlink Kawasaki and bowel cancer patient. The momentum is growing and as the whole project gathers pace it becomes more and more interesting.

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