Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Blog For The New Book

As we enter 2015 the new book "Lives & Times" will be completed and published hopefully in the Spring. The first book "Beating Bowel Cancer" is pretty quiet at the moment. Sales remain at 323, and I don't see what else I can do with it at the moment to generate fresh interest. Obviously all my efforts now are going to be put into the new book this year, and see how much money it can raise for the charity. With that in mind I have created a brand new blog dedicated to it called "Lives & Times Fundraising Book" which you can find by clicking here. This blog will still be updated with news, but the more up to date information will be put onto the new blog.

As the release date of the new book approaches, I will be looking for help and support in spreading the message, and go for a big push when it is published. Once again I shall be self-publishing on Amazon so I will be grateful for any help with the marketing. Please take time to look at the new blog, and please spread the word. The Beating Bowel Cancer Charity needs our support to continue to provide support for cancer patients and their families.


  1. Will do my best for you, Tim. good luck, xx

    1. Appreciate your support as ever Norma :) xx