Thursday, 12 February 2015

675 to Go....

I always get very excited when I get a notification of a book sale, and today the Beating Bowel Cancer book sold copy number 325. This particular sale was on kindle, so from the £2.65 charged by Amazon, the Beating Bowel Cancer charity will receive £1.39.

My original target was to sell 1,000 copies so I am still a very long way of that target figure. Realistically getting another 675 sales is unlikely to happen unless somehow the book leaps into more of a mainstream domain. Sales now are few and far between unfortunately, but at the same time I am really excited about the new photographic book I am doing for the charity, this time on the theme of people, which will hopefully be released in the next few months. It's not quite finished yet, but it's something I am incredibly proud of already.

Somewhere over £500 has been raised by the first book so far, which is wonderful and a massive thank you to everyone who has bought the book. Equally as important though is the part it also plays in raising bowel cancer awareness. 

There are some great facts and figures on the charity's website, It's well worth spending a couple of minutes reading, and you can see the page by clicking here. If caught early enough in the majority of cases it is very treatable. What is staggering is that "Over 93% of people diagnosed with bowel cancer at an early stage survive for at least five years compared to less than 7% of those diagnosed at a late stage."

My mum's cancer has unfortunately returned. A cancerous nodule on her left lung was discovered during her annual CT scan last November. Last week she underwent a 4 hour operation at Harefield Hospital to have it removed. The operation seems to have gone very well, and she was discharged just 4 days after the operation. She is now convalescing at home, and making great progress. There is a more detailed account of this on my other blog "Lives & Times" you can read here

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