Sunday, 16 June 2013

In Remission

It's been quite an emotional week in our family. The fantastic news we got at the appointment with the consultant on Wednesday was that the recent scans mum had showed no sign of cancer and she is in remission! The scans were the first she had undergone since surgery 3 months ago so it was a nerve wracking time waiting for the results. This now means no more scans this year and next up will be blood tests in the autumn, so mum will really be able to kick on with her life and not have to worry about further treatment. Of course we are also well aware that the cancer could come back, but fingers crossed mum has seen the last of it. She will certainly be able to enjoy life and every single day now more than ever. It was nice getting the news this week as we also have the sad anniversary of losing dad 4 years ago so it was quite apt that it happened now as I am sure he is smiling down on us from somewhere :)

I actually took the photo that same morning at work as my Beating Bowel Cancer postcards have arrived. I am planning to unleash 100 postcards over as wide an area as possible in the hope that those discovering them will get in touch with me. It's a good way of marketing the book and hopefully injecting some new momentum into it. June has been a quiet month with just 2 sales so far, making the total to date 259. I am finding it harder and harder now to generate sales. However just because mum is in remission does not mean I am ready to stop pushing the book. Far from it as the fight against this disease goes on and anything I can do to help raise some funds and awareness I will try as hard as I can.

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