Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Retirement Mum

Mum was unable to work during her treatment for bowel cancer. Even at an age when she should have stopped working years ago she continued to enjoy doing her 2 half days each week working as a receptionist at the doctor's surgery. In fact this job probably played a big part in saving her life, because as soon as she realised something was wrong they sent her straight to the hospital for tests and therefore the cancer was caught quite early. I now appreciate more than ever just how fortunate she was, as many bowel cancer patients have not been so lucky :( 

It was important for mum to return to her job after her treatment. Just being able to return to work after everything she has been through was a massive achievement, but there is no doubt that the 3 operations she has had have possibly led to her to coming to the decision to retire a little sooner than she ideally would have wished. But now is the time for her to just enjoy life and do all the things she wants to do without having to worry about how much holiday she has left to take etc.

She has worked at the surgery for over 30 years and they gave her a lovely send off on her last day. She got a "retirement" rose, balloons, a beautiful card and they put on a great spread. Knowing her love of the garden they also very generously gave her gardening vouchers, and with some of those vouchers she bought the cherry in the photo which we have just planted. What my late father would think of a cherry in the middle of his lawn I dread to think! :) 

It's a well earned retirement and let's hope she has many more years of retirement to enjoy now that she is post treatment. 

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