Thursday, 20 November 2014

James at The Royal Albert Hall

The James concert at The Royal Albert Hall was stunning. I think any half decent band couldn't fail to impress at such a wonderful venue. This was the second gig I have seen there some 31 years since my first one seeing Siouxsie & The Banshees in 1983! I had been chasing James and lead singer Tim Booth for a while to meet and photograph them for the new book, but alas my attempts failed so I had to settle with taking my gig camera with me and snapping a few shots from the floor in the arena. I was pretty pleased with what I got though, and James will feature in the "Gig" chapter I am doing in the book.

With the return of mum's cancer things are naturally a little bit up in the air. The writing of book 2 "Lives & Times" is still carrying on at a great pace. Even if I wound it down today, I still have half a dozen names lined up to be photographed. There is a possibility that depending on mum's course of treatment I might have to either curtail the photography a bit, or perhaps delay publication. However it's getting close to completion, and I would be happy to go with what I have plus the remaining planned photographs. 

It's a time for positivity, and keeping everything crossed that mum gets through this once again. The way she coped with everything that was thrown at her first time around 2 years ago was amazing, and she is already in that same zone again this time... 

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