Sunday, 9 November 2014

Meeting John Shuttleworth

The recent meeting with comedy character John Shuttleworth was fascinating, and the chapter in the book will talk about this, and also about the bowel cancer connection. The photos were taken during the interval of his recent performance in Reading. Like so may of the people who have so kindly been part of the book John was happy to also pose for an additional photo with the bowel cancer tie.

Coming up in the week ahead is photographing Carrie Grant, and the for the first time for this book I am going to do a second photo attempt when I meet up with Rachel Chadwick, the author of the wonderful 60 Postcards book. I won't reveal just yet what happened when we met up the first time. I am also hoping to photograph from the world of music Tim Wheeler from Ash on Tuesday when he launches his solo album, and also The Rifles before their London gig on Friday night. The latest person to agree to be part of the book is Gail Porter so it's still going brilliantly!

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