Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Kindle Edition is £0.99 in the UK for 7 Days

This is an opportunity for everyone in the UK to get the Kindle edition of the book for £0.99 for the next week ending at midnight on February 25th. This is an Amazon promotion tool I can use once on the Website and it seems a good way of giving the book an extra push, and it hopefully might induce some people to buy it who otherwise might not. Short of giving the book away it's not going to get much cheaper than this! When the promotion ends the price of the book will go back to £2.05, and I am probably going to set the price higher soon to concentrate on maximising funds raised for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity.

When you consider what you can buy for £0.99 these days it seems great value. People think nothing of spending a few £s in a coffee shop. A couple of drinks in a pub is close to £10 now, and although I am non smoker I presume a price a packet of cigarettes is extortionate...

From the £0.99 of each sale, I get 70% royalties so if a decent number of people buy the book this week, it will still be a significant amount for the charity. There will probably be similar promotion on the in the future, but I am only allowed to run one of these promotions at a time.

Please support this fundraising book supporting a charity doing marvellous work with patients and their families  fighting bowel cancer. 

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