Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What Is Your Favourite Photo In The Book?

To get an overview about the book click here.

With sales of the book approaching 300 now is as good a time as any to conduct a poll as to what people's favourite photo in it is? The idea is simple. Simply tweet "@timdarv My favourite photo in the book is ............... #bowelcancerphoto". It is important to include the hash tag as it will enable me to easily track responses and also it could generate a trend which would be great for the presence of the book. 

If you haven't got twitter you can post your reply on the book's Facebook page here. Alternatively you can leave a comment on this page.

I will get the ball rolling.... @timdarv My favourite photo in the book is Windsor Castle at Night #bowelcancerphoto

Don't be shy and let me have your responses asap. If this in any way helps raise awareness for this awful disease then a few moments of your time will not go unwasted.

Thanks to everyone who have bought the book so far, especially those who supported the recent Kindle edition promotion.

1 comment:

  1. My favourite photograph is 'The Sea at Prestatyn' I have been there many times over the years! ;)