Friday, 28 February 2014

Beating Bowel Cancer Fundraising Book Volume 2 - Theme Announcement

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I can now announce that the 2nd book in the Beating Bowel Cancer fundraising book series is going to be based on people, "Beating Bowel Cancer Fundraising Book Volume 2 - People"

I wanted to come up with a slightly different approach to doing another book as I felt that simply compiling another 30 photos in a repeat format of the first book would not hold the appeal. However the feedback from the first book was good in that people liked the personal anecdotes accompanying each photo so I want to keep that style for the second book. So I have come up with the idea of doing a theme, which must be both fun and challenging for me and importantly something I am able to write about.

Initially I thought I might try portraits, but felt that this might be a little restrictive and take away some of the fun element of what might be possible with people more generically. With people the possibilities are endless. Yes portraits could play a part, but so could people in various situations such as work, rest and play. I will no doubt be pestering friends to be a part of this book, and also people who I come across on my travels. I already have a couple of photos of complete strangers that are up for inclusion. I am also hoping that if luck is my side I might be able to persuade a few celebrities or higher profile people to take part.

The plan is to have the book ready to roll out before Christmas, and once again I shall release it in both paperback and kindle formats with every penny I receive going to the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. Of course if there is a publisher out there wanting to come aboard I would be happy to open discussions :) As well as raising funds the one thing I quickly realised with the first book is that it can also play an important role in raising awareness about bowel cancer. I shall post updates regularly on the book's progress. If anyone has any suggestions of subjects to photograph I would love to hear from you, and also from anyone  who has anyone contacts with interesting / famous people who might be up for taking part.

I am really happy to have my friend Jo on board again, who will turn my incorrect grammatical ramblings into something a lot more readable. I cannot over emphasis how big a difference it makes to the whole feasability of the book project to have that kind of help and support.

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