Friday, 10 October 2014

Support Comes In Many Ways

I had a different type of support this week for the new book. On discovering that TV chef Tom Kerridge is the man behind The Hand & Flowers restaurant in Marlow literally a 5 minute drive from work, I thought he would be a great person to get for the book. Unfortunately he wasn't able to do a photograph, but he very kindly sent me a signed copy of his new book that accompanies the current TV series on the BBC at the moment. This signed copy will be raffled by the charity.

This was an incredibly kind gesture. I sometimes wonder what it must be like for people on the receiving end of my messages? They don't know me from Adam, and they must be inundated with numerous charitable requests. The kindness shown by so many people has been amazing, and I have to admit to being tempted to keep Tom's book for myself to improve my culinary skills!

The search for a celebrity chef to be photographed continues...

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