Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Boys From The Alarm

I met up with two members of my favourite band The Alarm in Soho, and took their photo for the new book Lives & Times. Don't worry the photo I will use in the book will not include me. Nigel Twist and Eddie Macdonald were out for a meal in London last October before Nigel headed back to the USA, and they kindly agreed to have their photo taken. Since the band split in 1991 Eddie has established himself as a highly respected professional photographer, and Nigel is a Senior Investigator at the San Francisco Public Defenders Office. They were really friendly, interesting and great fun ensuring that I have another cracking chapter to add to the book.

As things stand I now have 3 out of the 4 original band members photographed for the book, leaving just Dave Sharp to come on board, can it be done? Time is running as the book is almost finished...

By the way watch out for Eddie's new musical project Smalltown Glory with a new EP coming soon.

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