Sunday, 9 March 2014

300 Sales Achieved

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I am really happy to announce that the book has passed the 300 sales mark. Getting from 200 to 300 has taken over a year and been quite an effort. There have been times where I have wondered whether the book has come to the end of its natural journey. Yet each time I consider this possibility something happens and it seems to get a new lease of life.

I would like to thank everyone who has bought the book and supported it as without the kindness and generosity of those people it would have ended its journey a long time ago. It is the people who come on board who not only buy the buy the book, but spread the word to friends who make such a difference and to all of you I thank you so much!

I still feel that the book has the potential to sell a lot more. The reviews on Amazon have been terrific and with the kindle edition being just over £2 its pretty good value. I wish the paperback could be cheaper, but by self publishing and printing to order on Amazon it's out of my control. The kindle edition still makes a few more pennies for the charity even though it is considerably cheaper than the paperback. Having said that I think the paperback is a lovely thing to have on the bookshelf and a constant reminder of what the purpose of the book is. And at just over £5 it's still pretty good value! :)

So once I again I ask everyone who has supported the book to keep spreading the message and help me push the book towards the next milestone figure of 400. The more people who get on board and help me with this and market the book the more chance it has of achieving this. 

Oh to have a publisher behind the book! :)

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